MSc Research Proposal

Digital Nomads: Emerging cultures of work, technology and place.
Researcher: David Cook
Supervisor: Hannah Knox
Research Synopsis:
Since the birth of the Internet there have been ongoing discourses about how digital technologies might impact and challenge traditional western concepts of home and work. This research focuses on an emerging category of people who are calling themselves: digital nomads. It aims to consider why some choose to embrace location-independent lifestyles and what happens when they attempt to become a digital nomad.

I am also interested in exploring what digital nomadism might tell us about culture and society, particularly what is happening to the post industrial office. The research topics and questions are constantly evolving but at this stage include:

  1. Investigating the work practices of nomads
  2. Exploring concept of home for nomads
  3. Motivations for following a location independent lifestyle?
  4. Why is the category nomad and digital nomad, emerging now?
  5. What can digital nomads tell us about western concepts of the home and work?
  6. How new is this phenomenon anyway. What do modern forms of nomadism have in common with more established and historical forms of nomadism?
  7. To what extent is digital an enabling factor?

If you are interested in learning more about this research or would like to share some of your digital nomads stories please get in touch.

Twitter: @iamdavecook